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Company commitment

Product quality: the pursuit of high quality raw materials from the start to start.

Product process: strictly in accordance with national standards of production and testing, and configuration of a high-performance automatic machine equipment, with professional and technical personnel of innovation quality, the company will be a long-term stable products specializing in the production of a screwdriver and dedication for the general customer service.

One. of the sub - tool products in the normal use of the process due to the material, process defects or non - improper operation and quality damage, can be replaced free of charge.

Two. Products in the use of rust, scratches on the surface, the plastic handle is broken, not in the warranty. Change range.

Three. Natural wear or use due to improper operation of product damage, do not belong to the warranty, guarantee, guaranteed return range.

To ensure that the dealer interests, sub company will strictly fine analysis of the reasonable layout of the market, also requires the dealer sales products and control what proportion of profits and avoid malignant disorderly sales.